Basic Sustainability Policy

FaithNetwork's philosophy is to become "Your
faithful one stop partner to support your dream
come true."
In order to support our stakeholders in realizing their dreams, we create new and diverse value in every property we develop and develop our business activities to provide society with such value.
In addition to achieving sustainable corporate growth, we are committed to resolving social, environmental, and other sustainability issues, thereby contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.
Jiro Hachiya
Chief Executive Officer
FaithNetwork Co., Ltd.
April 2024

Initiatives for SDGs

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FaithNetwork Co., Ltd. supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Promote Environmentally Friendly Property Development

New building RC condominiums with environmental certification

In response to the demands of society, the Japanese government’s policy has led to widespread efforts to realize a decarbonized society.

In the field of investment property as well, environmental performance is expected to become one of the most important factors for improving asset value in the future.

In light of this, as part of our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, we are promoting the development of properties that are compliant with environmental certifications, starting with the first property “GranDuo Setagaya 16” that received BELS certification (★★★★) and continuing with several properties that have received the highest level of certification (★★★★★).

In addition, we will work to develop properties that can obtain ZEH-M certification, which is a certification with higher environmental performance. Specifically, we will develop two properties that will acquire ZEH-M certification by March 2025.

We will continue to contribute to solving social issues by providing investment property that are environmentally friendly and have high asset value.

ZEH-M (Net Zero Energy House Mansion) refers to condominiums where energy consumption is effectively reduced to zero (or close to zero) through the creation of renewable energy sources such as solar power generation, while improving the building’s thermal insulation and energy-saving performance.

BELS (Building-Housing Energy-efficiency Labeling System) is a building energy conservation performance indication system in which a third-party evaluation organization evaluates and certifies the energy conservation performance of all buildings, whether new or existing. (Japanese website)


Helping You Realize Your Own Lifestyle

Supporting diverse work styles for beauty consultants
“GrandStory Salon”

We develop and operate the GrandStory Salon business, a subscription-based shared salon. Registered users can use several salons in the 3 wards of Jonan that we operate 24 hours a day, any time they like.

Since the location and hours can be set freely, the service is used by a wide range of people, including freelance beauty professionals, beauticians seeking to start their own businesses, and working-mother beauticians and manicurists who have retired after giving birth, helping them realize flexible working styles and lifestyles.


Strengthen Partnerships with Partner Companies to Promote a Safe
Working Environment and High-quality Property Development

“Hou-yu Kai”

In 2016, we launched the Hou-yu Kai, an association composed of our company and our partner companies involved in the construction of our properties, for the purpose of conducting activities to prevent occupational accidents and health and safety activities at our property development sites.

Since then, we have conducted monthly safety patrols and held annual safety conventions to share activity results and goals. By strengthening cooperation with partner companies and maintaining a safe working environment, we have been able to develop high-quality, high-performance properties.


Reusing Materials and Contributing
to the Community by Holding
Flea Markets

“Orange Bazaar”

We regularly hold a flea market “Orange Bazaar” to reuse surplus materials generated during property development and to interact with local residents and contribute to the local community. We are committed to the effective use of resources by offering half-used materials and parts, etc. generated during construction for free or at a discount.

In addition, the location of the event is the planned construction site of the company’s development property, and in conjunction with the flea market, workshops, exhibitions, and other events are held to promote interaction with the local community.


Improving Working Environment for Employees and Supporting for

Improvement of working environment and various systems

Through a variety of initiatives, we are working to create a workplace environment in which all employees can exercise their abilities and work in a healthy and energetic manner.

We have established and are promoting the “Action Plan for Balancing Work and Childcare” and the “Action Plan for Promoting Women’s Activity”.

Career employee system (mandatory retirement age of 75 if certain conditions are met)

Establishment of a company cafeteria.

Stress checks are conducted once a year.

Installation of balance balls in meeting rooms and some office areas as part of efforts to improve health, etc.

We also proactively introduce systems to back up employees’ self-development, such as the purchase of books and full payment of examination fees for qualifications (in accordance with company regulations).


Initiatives to Revitalize Communities and Help Young People’s

Setagaya Dream Project

This project is designed to contribute to the further revitalization of Setagaya Ward and its surrounding areas, where we originated and where we have been involved in numerous properties.

Through art, music, sports, and various other cultural activities and social contribution activities, we will help revitalize the area and support young people in Setagaya Ward to realize their dreams.

“Machikara Art: Idea Contest for Temporary Enclosure Design” as an initiative in the art field.

“Machikara Music: Setagaya Dream Music Contest” as an initiative in the music field.

Sponsorship of radio program “Setagaya Dream Project” on FM Setagaya, a community FM station in Setagaya Ward



“Faithnetwork Wellbeing & Sustainable Design Goals” is a property development concept that enables “well-being” living. This concept has been established for the “GranDuo” series of new building RC condominiums for investment developed by FaithNetwork.

Three Directions for Achieving a Life with Well-being

身体的良好・社会的良好・精神的良好 身体的良好・社会的良好・精神的良好


for Creating Healthy and
Environmentally Friendly Living Spaces

Experience value that leads to health and beauty improvement effects for residents



Promoting Mental
and Physical Health

To lead a life that is fulfilling and
healthy both mentally and


Mindfullness with
Beauty Effect

Beauty facilities and uplifting
design direction.


Concentration and

A season- and time-conscious
lifestyle, and the New Normal living

Spaces designed to reduce environmental impact in consideration of social issues



Greening and
with Nature

Cherish and nurture your connection
with nature. For a living space with
a sense of greenery.


Energy Efficiency
and Environmental

Reduction of utility costs for
tenants through the use of energy-
efficient equipment, building
materials, and natural materials


Sustainable Design

Design for a circular economy.
Creation of economic and social

Safe and secure living environment for diverse lifestyles



Safety and Security

Prepare for any possible disaster.
Lead your daily life with peace of


Diverse Lifestyles

Lifestyles are diversifying with the
times. Flexible spatial performance
is promised.


Living with Art

Increase sensitivity to art through
daily exposure to art. Also
contributes to supporting young
people in realizing their dreams.


FaithNetwork provides a consultation service.
Please feel free to contact us for consultation and inquiry.